Tuesday, March 17, 2015

LIVE! Vultus

Artist: Vultus
Link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/VULTUS/385046891160
Although a few other genres still rattle around their sound, at its best Vultus is a metal-edged rock band with Danzig-like vocals. (You'll understand that as a compliment when you recall that Glenn Danzig founded the Misfits before shooting the video for Mother '93.) Vultus' drummer is superior. He drums better than you, and the band knows it. And they'll let him change time just to prove it, supremely confident he'll lead the way. (It's a blast watching Vultus' bassist contentedly surf that percussive wave.) Vultus is a band bound by chemistry moving together as one organism. With a distinctive voice, and dueling leads swapping riffs and fills, Vultus dispatches rock songs with metal precision.

*** The author of this review, Harry Bennett, plays the goblet drum for the following band: http://youtu.be/tMS73-1kCr8

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