Tuesday, March 17, 2015

LIVE! Bitter Valentines

Artist: Bitter Valentines
Link: https://www.facebook.com/BitterValentines
We arrived late to Freddy's, but were fortunate enough to see some of Bitter Valentines' set. A traditional four-piece, all of whom add something to BV's compelling brand of hard rock, the Bitter Valentines thundered through their set on the strength of Der S.'s vocal performance. Although BV is more rock than punk, Der's vocals bring to mind some of the best protest punk singers in the business. Imagine the vocal performances that have you checking Flogging Molly's live calendar; and then get in line for Bitter Valentines instead. Unlike a Flogging Molly show, right now in NYC you could be just footsteps away from a frontman who makes you feel the way he does. (Heck, you might even slam-dance with him, as fans did here.) Never did his howling voice fail him (or us). Not once was I less than moved by his emotive vocal musicianship.

*** The author of this review, Jeremy Jenkins, plays the igihumurizo for the following band: http://youtu.be/tMS73-1kCr8

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